Rose Wood Ash Tray/Cigarette Ash Box/Ash Tray/Car Organiser


  • Lightweight enough to move with ease but also heavy and durable enough to stand up against time
  • size: 4″ x 3.5″
  • Deep, Wide Grooves 4 spots for resting a cigarette.
  • Brass Hand engraved work done all over the tray.
  • Best option to Use in your Home / Office /Gift/Car


  • Ashtrays are a must for any cigar smoker.
  • We present a unique range of ash catchers that are artful with a modern twist.
  • Grab one to compliment any smoking session with just the right touch of class.
  • Handcrafted ashtray in Sheesham Wood (Indian rosewood) with a steel cup inside and drawer.
  • Hand made by skilled artisans with premium finishing.


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